An unABEJAlievable Bee Documentary

unABEJAlievable follows students and researchers on their journey through the Amazon to help the indigenous Chino community further develop sustainable bee-keeping techniques.​
The idea for the documentary began in the spring of 2017  while in one of her final college classes,  when a guest speaker, Dr. Kristin Wolf from the Apiary at Champlain, came to pitch her travel course on environmental ethics.

The overall goals of trip, according to Dr. Wolf, are to show how beekeeping in the Chino community promotes both individual and community empowerment, entrepreneurship, and economic self-sufficiency, while also preserving natural and cultural resources.  She talked about the trip to Peru embedded in the course and how the goals of the course are driven by the community’s development through bee-keeping. Having traveled to numerous countries and found a passion for telling stories, Scarlett felt compelled to tell this one.

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The Team

Director and Producer
Scarlett Clark
Director of Photography
Joe Brady
"Bees are a bridge to the landscape and a community's ability to make sustainably productive use of it. Dr. Kristin Wolf had my full attention and I was hooked. As in all of my previous films and creative passions, I seek to tell a story that no one has heard before."
Joe currently works as a Freelance Camera Operator in New York City. Joe and Scarlett have worked on a few films before and have known each other for half a decade. Joe has worked on countless films as an operator and will bring a unique and professional set of skills to this film.


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