Wagging Tales Documentary

A Tale of Tails Untold

Wagging Tales Documentary follows the lives of the dogs and humans at All Breed Rescue Vermont. The documentary explores what it is like to be not only a dog, but a dog in a shelter, and the humans who help get those dogs into their furever homes.
The idea for the documentary began in the spring of 2016 while on a train ride to her internship in London.  ​After several months of research during the summer of 2016, Scarlett began pre-production and initial filmming in the fall of 2016 with her team.

Scarlett is really enthusiastic about this project not only because she is an advocate for animals, but also because she has worked alongside All Breed Rescue for two years prior to this film.

She believes the film will bring to light the risks and rewards of running and working in a rescue, and also show what it is like to be a rescued animal.

The documentary has concluded filming and editing and has begun into the festival circuit.

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The Team

Director and Producer
Scarlett Clark
"I was trying to figure out what I wanted my next film to be on. I wanted to make my film mean something and to give back to the community. Animals have always been a huge part of my life and that's when it finally hit me to ask All Breed Rescue if I could work with them."
Second Camera
Zach Walbridge
Director of Photography
John 'Jake' Churcher
Zach is a senior at Champlain College and a freelance filmmaker. He is currently working on several independant projects while also helping Wagging Tales Documentary.
Jake is a senior at Champlain college and both a freelance filmmaker and photographer. He is currently working on several independant projects including working as the DOP for Wagging Tales Documentary. 
Ian Crane
Assistant Producer
Liam Maxwell
Ian is a senior at Champlain college majoring in filmmaking. Ian is also passionate about making music and working on independant projects. He has joined the Wagging Tales team to create music for the film.
"I've liked dogs since I grew up with a Doberman that my dad had. Thanks to All Breed Rescue, four years ago my dads family adopted Dovey from them and so I hope every dog gets their chance to be adopted too."


  1. September Transport
    Sep 17
    September Transport
    One of the first transports that Director Scarlett Clark and Director of Photography Jake Churcher filmed for Wagging Tales Documentary.
  2. Howl-O-Ween Fun Run
    Oct 23
    Howl-O-Ween Fun Run
    The annual Fun Run that All Breed Rescue hosts in the spirit of Halloween.
  3. November Transport
    Nov 19
    November Transport
    Another transport that the crew of Wagging Tales Documentary filmed.
  4. Christmas Tree Sale
    Dec 3&4
    Christmas Tree Sale
    The third annual Christmas Tree Sale thrown for All Breed Rescue by Pinnacle Properties and DJ's Tree Service (and more). This fundraiser brings in not only the holiday spirit, but also some funding for the rescue.
  5. Subaru Adoption Event
    Dec 10
    Subaru Adoption Event
    Subaru's "Share the Love" adoption event in benefit of clearing shelters and adopting out dogs to people who may not otherwise be able to see them.
  6. Fundraiser Ends
    Jan 13
    Fundraiser Ends
    The fundraiser for Wagging Tales Documentary will end today. Some perks will still be available to donors upon request.
  7. Feb 1
    Funding Arrives!
    Thanks to all our donors and sponsors funding is now available for filming!
  8. Mar 23
    SC Filming
    The Wagging Tales Crew heads to South Carolina to film where our story begins...
  9. Interviews Begin
    Mar 4
    Interviews Begin
    Wagging Tales begins filming interviews and learning what it takes to be a rescue dog.
  10. May 1
    End of Filming
    Filming comes to an end. Now the computer works begins!
  11. Silver Award
    June 30
    Silver Award
    We have been awarded Silver in the Spotlight Documentary Film Awards!
  12. June 1
    Festival Season
    The film has been finished! It is time to enter the film into festivals!
  13. Official Poster
    Apr 25
    Official Poster
    The Official Poster has been released!
  14. First Place 2018
    June 3
    First Place 2018
    We have been awarded First Place in the Freedom and Unity Film Competition!


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Behind The Scenes

  1. PawPrintArt
    A day of messy art where the pups made art for some perks!
  2. Kaitlyn’s Day Out
    Kaitlyn, a pup at All Breed Rescue Vermont, gets a camera and a day out of the shelter. Watch her journey and what it's like to be a dog!

Deleted Scenes

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